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Investigating CFRP's Ecological Legacy

NMFWRI has been responsible, as part of its Federal Workplan, for long-term vegetation monitoring of selected CFRP projects since 2007, and as of 2018 had gathered data on 35 CFRP projects. In 2018, NMFWRI began a 10-year review of available CFRP data to investigate the program's success in meeting its ecological objectives. This newsletter-style summary is intended for managers, landowners, legislators and the interested public. This report includes a brief overview of the CFRP program, the need for restoration in New Mexico's forests, and the ecological strengths and weaknesses of CFRP over the past 15 years. An update and integration of this ecological review along with social and economic reviews is underway and is expected to be available in 2021.

PDF document icon Investigating_CFRPs_Ecological_Legacy_newsletter.pdf — PDF document, 10230 kB (10476421 bytes)

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